Unlimited Popplets in Under 15 Seconds!

All you need to know about the Popplet Plan for Home, School and Business

Without a doubt, our biggest request all year has been from loyal users wanting more popplets. So in July, we introduced the Popplet Plan, offering unlimited popplets for a low monthly or yearly subscription price.

Since then, many of our loyal users have signed up to a Popplet Plan. Twitter user @sebastaiaanhooft, for example, praised the ease of using our signup system: “it took me fifteen seconds to become a paying customer – including the walk to get my credit card – compliments in that!”

If you haven’t subscribed yet and want to know more, here’s the latest details and some of our most frequently asked questions about the Popplet Plan so far:

The Free Plan
We have a commitment to always providing a free plan on both the web and mobile devices.

If you are new to Popplet or an occasional user, nothing changes: you still have access to 5 popplets with your online account. You can use all the Popplet features including presentation mode, the ability to embed popplets into your webpages, and the capacity to share and collaborate on popplets with others.

We will also continue to offer Popplet Lite for the iPad, iPhone and iPod. Popplet Lite gives you a good introduction to how our app works on your mobile device with access to one free popplet. You can also keep your project work by moving it to the full app version if you decide you like using Popplet on the go!

FAQ: I have more than 5 popplets already, how does the Popplet Plan affect me?
If you have more than 5 popplets, you will be able to continue to edit and access all of your current work under the Free Plan. Any extra popplets you have created under the Popplet Plan will be safely stored and still be visible if you return to the Free Plan, but you will not be able to add to them or share them with others while on the Free Plan.

The Popplet Plan

The Popplet Plan offers users access to an unlimited number of web-based popplets for the low price of $3 per month or $30 per year.

Don’t forget our iPad, iPhone and iPod full versions also come with unlimited popplets for use on your mobile device.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about the Popplet Plan. If you have any enquiries, please email us at support@popplet.com

FAQ: I have subscribed because I need to use more than 5 popplets this month but I am not sure about the future. When should I cancel my subscription?

You can subscribe and cancel at any time and still have access to your plan for the whole month. We are proud to offer you this flexibility so you do not feel tricked if you forget to cancel close to your monthly subscription renewal date. If you are sure you will not need access to your unlimited popplets next month, cancel your subscription and you will still have access to your account for the full 30 days. Click on the account settings in the top right hand corner to keep tabs on the end date for your Popplet Plan subscription.

Click on “account” in the top right hand menu to update your subscription information

FAQ: I had problems entering my credit card details for payment. What do I do?

We remind our users that Popplet does not always work correctly with Internet Explorer. Chances are, if you have been having problems making a payment, you are using the IE browser. Please see our blog post about the problems with IE and swap to using Popplet with Firefox or Chrome.

FAQ: I need an official receipt for my popplet subscription for tax purposes, how can I get one?

We are updating our subscription confirmation details to automatically include all relevant tax details so you can use your subscription confirmation as your official receipt. If your part of the world requires specific tax information to be displayed, please contact us at support@popplet.com to have a relevant tax invoice/receipt issued.

FAQ: We are interested in using Popplet as a communication tool within the company and with our clients. In the end it would be around 15 people working with popplet within the company. In addition to that we would like to allow our customers to edit the relevant popplets as well. What plan is best for us?
We are excited to be announcing our business accounts in the near future, and promise to have all details available in a blog post. If you have particular needs, please email us at support@popplet.com so we can make sure we have an appropriate plan to meet your business and client relationship needs.

FAQ: I am a teacher and want to use popplet in my classroom for all students, but I don’t want them to have their own email addresses. What plan is best for me?

Keep an eye out for our week of back-to-school special blog posts coming up in late August/September for details of all our education plans, or email us at education@poppplet.com for immediate details. We will have full details for classroom and school subscriptions and special blog articles on how Popplet is being used in classes of all ages and subjects.

What has been your experience of using the Popplet Plan? Post us a short review on our Facebook page to let us know how we are doing.