How To Get 10 Free Popplet Boards

Do you know that anyone who signs up for a Popplet web account gets ten Popplet boards absolutely free? No strings attached, no publicity (we never do that). Ten free popplets to do with as you please – that’s the deal. 

If you aren’t sure why you might want ten free popplets, enter “popplet” or “popplet….” followed by any topic you can think of into a search engine then click on images for a random samples of amazing Popplet creativity such as this:

Convinced? Let’s go!

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Which Popplet Plan Works Best For You?

Digital technology is definitely one of those areas where choice abounds, and even Popplet, best known for its clean simplicity and user-friendliness, comes in a few shapes and sizes – but not too many. 

This choice exists so you can get the most out of Popplet because not everybody uses Popplet the same way. Plans and versions vary as to cost, device, and features, but don’t worry, choosing the correct Popplet plan is not at all daunting, it’s quite simple.

There are three ways to use  Popplet:

  • Web Version – free and paid
  • Popplet Lite App – free
  • Popplet App – paid

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Working With Numbers

The Popplet social media message boards are positively crackling with numerical creativity at this time of year. School’s back and teachers and students alike are getting to grips with new projects, tasks, and technologies. Popplets about just about anything you can think of from pretty much everywhere are streaming hourly from the minds of popplet users onto our message boards providing valuable ideas and inspiration for others.

Math is a core subject, and even with a number of excellent dedicated math apps, Popplet finds its place in the math class. A versatile graphic organizer, that adds new dimensions to math work: visual, intuitive, and fun. Here are some of the ways math and technology educators are making Popplet count in the math classroom.

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Popplet People: Monica Evon, Fourth-Grade Teacher

For some educators, the digital technologies now standard in our classrooms are not new; they were a part of their primary or higher education. There are many others, however, who have benefitted from the rich experience of the transition to the digital paradigm; working through and shaping the changes that technologies such as Popplet have been making on teaching methods and on the development of learners. Monica Evon is one of those educators who embraced the change and is rewarded daily with the growth she sees in her students.

Monica caught our eye recently when she shared some impressive images of her class hard at work with Popplet. She has kindly agreed to share her experience with us.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?
I am a fourth-grade teacher from Nebraska. I teach at Bellevue Elementary. My district is Bellevue Public Schools and I am part of Bellevue Public Schools iPadAcademy.  This is my thirty-second year in the education profession. I have taught special education, first, second, third, and fourth grade and I was an elementary counselor for six years. I am passionate about my students, teaching, and learning! I love using technology to enhance learning opportunities. I am a 1:1 iPad classroom.

Growing up my dad was in the military, so we traveled the world. I attended five different elementary schools. My husband Steve and I have two grown boys. We love to travel and two of our passions are snorkeling and hiking in the mountains. My favorite quote:

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” John Dewey

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English Lesson Plan Ideas With Popplet

Get some tips on English lesson plans from other teachers using Popplet in the classroom

Our education survey this year revealed that the majority of teachers using Popplet in school make use of our app in their English classes. Some 56% of respondents use Popplet to enhance English class activities with their students.

If you are looking for ideas for English lesson plans with Popplet, here’s some activity suggestions that teachers around the world have been using with their students of all ages.

English lesson plans for kinder/early childhood ages

Kinderchat teacher leader Matt Gomez has shared how he uses Popplet to help very young students gain English language acquisition skills, including understanding word sounds, and creating word webs that show the connection between words and images around a common theme. His blog details the English lesson plan he has been successfully – and respectfully – used with his classes.

Mrs Walsh uses Popplet to help her young students map out the plotline of their class reading, here’show they showed the flow of the story “Owl Babies”:
English lesson plan with primary school students

In Argentina, Miss Iberia Denegri uses Popplet with her 2nd and 3rd form English classes. Here, she demonstrates with her class the value of studying English and its impact around the world: English lesson plan popplet

In Australia, students shared what they had learn about characters in the book “The One and Only Ivan” by preparing popplets in groups to write about the story characters.

In New Zealand, Popplet is used at the Tamaki Primary (Elementary) school to encourage students to build their vocabulary and share their understanding of what words mean in any given topic. Here, Leslei shares the words she has learnt that descibe aspects of environmental care .

Meanwhile, Lanni Luce West shares her English lesson plans in which students used Popplet to document their understanding of story characters and used adjectives to describe the characters they were getting to know in the book.

“Needless to say, the students had a blast! They quickly learned how to manipulate the popples, change color, add text, draw, and arrange their thinking in an orderly fashion. All the while, they were learning and being asked to do some deeper learning. They didn’t complain once. In fact, a number of students commented how much fun they were having. “, Ms West reflected on the use of Popplet as a classroom study aid.

English lesson plans with teens

Industry expert Helen Caldwell uses Popplet to encourage students to plan short stories in various genres:

Using Popplet for Literacy lessons from helen caldwell on Vimeo.

In Mrs Wagstaff’s Timberline library, students were encouraged to create Popplets to showcase their favorite authors, like Megan did to share her interest in author Richard Paul Evans:

English lesson plans with college students

The Newbridge College English Department uses Popplet to design revision activities for students studying literary works. This year, students are reading The Great Gatsby. This popplet was created with a series of embedded videos to guide students through revision questions and foster a deeper comprehension of the plot and characters of this classic American novel.

Popplet was used as a study and note-taking aide throughout the class reading of the novel, with activities set to use Popplet to collate a student’s understanding of particular characters in the novel:

Perhaps one of the most advanced English lesson plans documented is available on the outstanding resource educatorstudio. We encourage teachers to consider sharing their structured Popplet classroom activities on this brilliant and detailed teacher network for lesson planning. Catherine Jackson has gone to considerable detail to share lesson files, assessment suggestions, steo-by-step procedures, and guidelines for student collaborative activities. Thoughtful teachers have added comments on their use of the lesson plan in subsequent classes. The topic? Using popplet to demonstrate critical analysis of a non-literary text’s major themes and tones. This English Lesson Plan with Popplet is aimed at middle and high school syudents of 6th and 7th grade.

It is wonderful to see so many teachers around the world taking to using Popplet to create engaging, fun and educative English lesson plans with their students. Popplet is an app that students immediately appreciate the value of using, here’s some recent comments from Mrs Malsky’s students after assessing the power of Popplet as a study tool:

If you are writing a paper for English you can use this website to create an outline. Hayley Reilly

You could make an outline for an essay you could be writing – Zack Scerine

The website is very useful. The user can organize pictures, organize an outline to your essay, or even to make some basic scrap booking ideas. It could be used in english, history, yearbook, or really any class. – Britt Crawford

We can use it to put all of our ideas for an essay together -Tyler Mason

Vote for which subject lesson plans we should cover in a future Poppletrocks blog post, or if you a a student or independent learner, tell us a little about how you maintain your a study program using Popplet with other online or mobile apps.

In the meantime, feel free to share your lesson plan examples on our Facebook page, or leave us a comment if you would like to share your reflections on how effective using Popplet is for your teaching or learning.

School and Class Group Subscriptions Now Available

We’re launching our new group subscriptions just in time for the new (US and European) school year!

We consulted with education users at the start of the year, and received over 250 survey replies. Thanks to everyone who responded (and see the end of this article for a special gift): it helped us work out the best system possible to accommodate a world of differences in how schools use education technology and can access apps from the web or iPad.

How It Works

A school groups subscription is available for classes from 15 to schools with over 500 students.

1. Email and request the link to our groups subscriptions page.

2. Select “buy subscriptions” from the right hand menu.

3. Buy the number of annual subscriptions you need. Our minimum is 15 and there is no maximum. In order to make our education group accounts accessible to as many schools as possible, we have tried to keep subscription rates as low as possible. Our pricing allows 15 student accounts unlimited Popplets in one year – the equivalent to one paid subscriber’s annual subscription fee.

You will need a credit card to purchase your school group subscriptions.

We also have a sliding scale of pricing so the more you buy, the cheaper each individual account will cost. This was a key request from our schools survey, where teachers, librarians and ICT coordinators requested a simple way to sign up a whole school or form grade for popplets. You will be sent a receipt for your school accounts office records.



4. You don’t need to allocate all your subscriptions at once. After you have purchased your school accounts, you can select “manage subscriptions” from the right-hand menu and add individual email addresses for each student. You will be prompted to add your own account to the list of subscriptions.

5. Start using your Popplet with your classes!

Popplet is used by teachers with classes of all ages and in a range of subjects including languages, English, history, sciences and math. You can get ideas for lesson plans by subscribing to our blog or by liking our Facebook page. Please feel free to share your teaching ideas and show examples of using Popplet in your school and classes with our Facebook community. We will also share ideas and techniques in our blog about how teachers can use Popplet as a study prompt, group classroom activity, lesson planner, assessment instrument, presentation aid, or revision tool. When we post blogs about how Popplet can be used in a variety of industries, we tend to include a few notes on how to apply the technique to schools (see our buyer persona blog post for an example).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My students are under 13 and the terms and conditions say they can’t use Popplet. How can I use Popplet with my year 5/6 class of 10 year olds?

A. Our terms and conditions reflect best practice in using Popplet with younger ages and align with industry standards set out in international legislation such as the United States’ Children’s Online Privacy Act. We do not collect information about ANY user beyond the basic registration name address and email. For under 13 year olds, we recommend that teachers set up classroom student accounts and oversee/monitor the use of Popplet. In other words, Popplet accepts registration by under 13 year olds where use is overseen by parents and guardians, including teachers.

Q. What about teachers and other school staff subscriptions?

A. Teachers must add themselves as one of the subscriptions to the group accounts in order to get access to their Popplet account. You can add all teachers or relevant staff like librarians who will be working with students on Popplets.

Q. What happens to students Popplet accounts after the school year ends?

A. Popplet school subscriptions are for one calendar year, commencing from the date payment is made. After this time, the students’ accounts are still accessible in the same way as for any individual user account: that is, the first 5 popplets are fully functioning (you can add to them and edit them), while any other popplets are read-only under the free account.

Q. My class uses iPads. How do they access Popplet?

We have an education discount offering 50% of the purchase of our Popplet iPad app, and many teachers around the world are already accessing this offer to install Popplet on all classroom iPads.

Q. I completed the school survey earlier this year. How do I get my free popplets?

To say thanks, we will be setting up a group subscription for everyone who answered our schools survey. This will give each survey responder a group subscription for a class of up to 15 students for the whole year! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and look out for more details of how Popplet is used in education as we share the results of our survey over the next few weeks.

Above: A class mission statement created in Popplet by MES Mrs White’s class. You can follow along with how 5th grade teacher Michelle White uses Popplet and other educational technologies in her classroom at

If you have any questions about our new school and class subscriptions, leave a comment below or email us at Don’t forget to add examples of how you use Popplet to share with other educators on our Facebook page.

It’s Here: The New and Improved Popplet iPad App!

For all of our eager iPad users, the wait is finally over! Popplet for the iPad has a new version with more features, bug fixes and faster online access.

You can now download Popplet Lite or our full iPad app from the Apple App Store. Please share what your reactions with us by adding a quick app review.

New versions of Popplet and Popplet Lite for iPad available from the Apple App Store. Try it out and let us know if you think it is one of the best iPad apps around!

The latest iPad version of Popplet includes the following features:

  • Easier copying, pasting and editing functions for your popplets
  • Multi-popple selection
  • Instantly take and add photos to a popplet board
  • Image and photo rotation
  • Smoother drawing functions.
Best ipad apps Popplet menu

The extended gear menu in the latest version of Popplet gives you more flexibility and greater access to features

Help us make a splash as one of the best iPad apps around by sharing your honest review of our update. You can rate our app and add some comments to the App Store page after you have had a chance to play with the new features.

This update also fixes some minor bugs with our previous version and gives you more stability when you access your online popplets.

Current iPad Popplet users know that this release has been a while coming. We wanted to focus first on improving our data storage and server systems so you can rely on Popplet whenever you need to share ideas or compile your notes for more creative visual thinking. We hope you will appreciate the faster and more reliable access to your online popplets with this latest iPad version.

While several users have asked for ways to copy offline popples to their online board, the new version hasn’t been able to incorporate that feature. We will continue to work towards adding this functionality in a future release. For this version, we have made it much easier to copy and paste your popplet work from offline to online. You can now select multiple popples at once and then copy them to a new popplet board.

Popplet is one of the best ipad apps available for visual thinking

The new iPad version of Popplet makes it easy to select multiple popples for faster copying, pasting and grouping

As with the previous release, Popplet Lite lets you create one popplet board while the full version gives you an unlimited supply of online and offline popplets.

We are committed to making Popplet one of the best iPad apps available on the iTunes App Store. Download Popplet Lite or buy the Popplet iPad app directly from your iPad. Everyone at team Popplet is eagerly waiting to hear what you think, so please share a product review with us!