Getting Website Traffic To Your Site With Popplet: Tip #1 – Hashtags

Recent internet forums have discussed using Popplet as a way of getting website traffic to your site. Two recent examples:

  • The internet marketing podcast, Win the Web, discussed Popplet in their ‘Toolshed’ segment
  • On Hubpages, Luis305 asked:

    “Have you used Popplet for getting website traffic?”

For creative professionals and other businesses wanting to draw in new readers with interesting and engaging content, Popplet can be used as a way of getting website traffic to your site. Over the coming weeks, we will share some tips and techniques for using Popplet as a website traffic generator. Today, we look at how to combine using Popplet and Twitter to bring in new readers to your website.

Getting Website Traffic to Your Site with Popplet: Step by step

1. Prepare your creative Popplet. You might be showing off your portfolio, providing insight into the creative process you use when working up a new idea, visualizing the connection of ideas and concepts that you will be discussing in a blog post, or documenting research notes for a new enterprise.

2. Make sure you include a popple with a URL link. This link should take visitors back to your website or to the target webpage you are focusing on for getting website traffic to visit.

3. Now make your Popplet public by clicking the share button. Select “Post it on Twitter”. You will be redirected to Twitter where you can log in and share your Popplet creation.

4. Prepare your tweets. We make it easier for you to share your popplet link by auto-completing yourt tweet with: “Check out this Popplet!:”. Don’t tweet this just yet!

5. Personalize your tweet message to the audience you think is most interested. You can add hashtags to your tweet to make it more relevant to an audience searching for key terms in your subject area or profession. For example, we will tweet about this popplet and blog using the hashtags #internetmarketing and #webmarketing, as well as using the term “site traffic” in at least one tweet.

6. Always include the Popplet link! Remember, you will be using the Popplet as a visually enticing ay to get readers to build their interest before they click through to your website. To make more room in your tweet message, you can use a shortlink service like bitly to replace the link with a shorter reference. We used the shortlink for the popplet related to this blog post, for example.

Additional notes

  • You can use a site like Topsy to research which hashtags are most frequently used in twitter and which ones are suited to your discussion topic.
  • If you have used youtube videos, online images or URL links you can thank their related twitter accounts and mention they are included in your Popplet. You might find these accounts retweet your mention, this will expose your link to the audience of your influencers, widening the number of people who may click on the site link in your popplet.
  • Review your analytics. After you have promoted your popplet on twitter using hashtags, you can review how successful this technique has been by looking at your website analytics. Did you see a traffic bump from curious readers who had looked at your popplet and clicked on your site link? Let us know how well your experiments are going at getting website traffic from Popplet!

Applying this technique to schools

  • If you are a teacher, librarian or ICT co-ordinator, you can use this technique to share education ideas with other colleagues by including a hashtag that describes the class subject, for eg. #ESL.
  • If you think your use of Popplet would be valuable for anyone interested in using apps in the classroom, we encourage you to use the hashtag #edtech and #ipaded.
  • Perhaps you want to encourage a community network amongst educators who use Popplet? Let’s start the hashtag #poppleted. It may be helpful to add #poppleted along with a hashtag for your class subject or mention the age range of students so other educators can scan what examples may be helpful for them to review. (Don’t forget you can also share your experiences on our Facebook page and help us build a community of educators sharing ideas about using Popplet in schools.)

We have more tips for getting website traffic using Popplet. Subscribe to our blog for fresh ideas and new techniques for making the most of your visual thinking and collaborative ideas tool, Popplet!

Popplets At Work: Buyer Persona Template

A buyer persona template is a marketing tool used by businesses to describe target segments of their customer market and online audience. Popplet is an ideal online visual thinking tool to use as a buyer persona template.

How Online Environments are Changing Business

The internet and mobile devices have fundamentally changed consumer patterns around the globe. We research and decide what to buy and which services to use by checking our smartphones, chatting in forum discussions, asking our social media networks, and by reading online blogs and reviews… we know that you know what we mean: because we’re all doing it!

As a result, we’re usually about 70% sure of what we want to buy before we even make first contact with some of the businesses on our list of preferences. For anyone in business, this has changed how to go about connecting with potential customers. Media marketing business experts like Nuria Gimenez, Head of Digital Services at GroupM predicts that “By 2016, we will no longer be buying space. We will be buying audiences”. What she means is that more and more often, businesses won’t get noticed by buying advertising space like internet banners or radio spots, but by buying the time and interest of audiences online, who connect with a business and then go on to share their experiences within their wider networks.

The Buyer Persona Template Technique

Internet marketing leaders, like Adam Singer at the Future Buzz, Barbara Gago on Content Marketing Institute and Lee Odden at TopRank all encourage businesses to enhance the experience of customers by really thinking about what customers want. You can use a buyer persona template in your business planning to describe your potential audience segments. This is a technique that can help you describe how your audience connects to businesses online, and what your customers want from the experience.

Above: Buyer personas: definitions and discussion from the experts

Hopefully, using buyer persona templates will mean your business is better able to respond to customer needs. This creates a deeper connection so that there is a personal, ongoing relationship between your brand and the value people get from it.

Singer, Gago and Odden all suggest asking yourself questions that help to understand your customers, and from the research you uncover, you can create a few profiles of different target market segments and their preferences. The thinking behind this is that you can better provide the type of online content for each audience segment if you have a clear picture in your head about who they are, how they move about online, and what are their common preferences and interests.

Buyer persona inset 1

The Buyer Persona Template in Practice

Globally, many businesses are looking to connect with new consumers in the emerging markets of China, Russia, Brazil and the Middle East. We have used the internet marketing experts’ techniques to describe one of these new audiences. Here’s our Popplet buyer persona describing Russian consumers.

Above: Buyer persona template for Russian consumers using Popplet

For our buyer persona template, we drew from a combination of data sources and categorized our information by using some of the questions suggested by Adam Singer, Barbara Gago and Lee Odden to understand the audience better.

(Behind the scenes, we also filed all of our source materials (including the funky images we sourced from designcollector) in a delicious stack. Our monthly newsletter to blog subscribers will include links to these background tools and source materials. Our first newsletter edition also includes a step-by-step guide on how to build your own buyer persona template, and access to a blank template so you can start collecting data about your market straight away. Subscribe to our newsletter before December 31 to make sure you don’t miss out on these extra goodies!)

You can use a buyer persona template to dig deeper or step back to a broader level and understand your audience better. Our Russian consumer persona, for example, could be broadened into a category like ‘consumers in emerging markets’ or become more focused, for example, ‘Russian women aged 16 – 35’. Collating your information in a Popplet can give you new insights into your audience that improve your business operations and your customer’s experience with your business.

buyer persona template inset 2

Work Collaboratively with your Buyer Persona Template

Popplet works as a collaborative tool that lets your business discuss who your customers are and what they want. You can share ideas within your business teams by selecting collaborators who can contribute to the popplet. Use the Popplet labs settings to decide who can add to the popplet and who can edit your existing popples.

How do you use Popplet as a business tool? Share your thoughts in our comments below.