Popping Around the World! The Globalization of Popplet

We at Popplet central have been excited to see the growth of Popplet around the world, as more creatives, educators, business users and students discover our online and iPad/iPhone/iPod app.

In the past month, Popplet has been used in 164 countries around the globe! Here’s a look at where people are using Popplet right now:


You can get an even greater sense of the diverse ways Popplet is used around the world by having a look at our Public Popplets.

As Poppleteer Matt M points out, the world is becoming smaller, more interconnected, and more affected by international actions and influences. This globalization can be a creative and liberating force, as well as a destructive one.

Matt describes different types of globalization. Let’s look at how these types of globalization are reflected in the ways people use Popplet around the world. Continue reading