Project Popplet 3: Creating Visuals and Infographics

Is there such a thing as a “visual learner”? The idea that we are all different when it comes to learning and each of us has a particular learning style is no longer as popular with educators as it once was. Why? Well, the truth is that we are ALL visual learners.

We know that at some point in the not so distant past – evolutionary speaking – that dogs became “human’s best friend”. Like most things that happened tens of thousands of years ago, Popplet didn’t exist and there was no one around who could record these momentous events. So. scientists study the evidence and build theories from what they discover. One such theory is that humans began to rely on the senses of their canine companions such as smell and sound more than their own and that we began to develop other senses more and more and finally we adapted and attained new skills. Our ability to speak is often attributed to these evolutionary changes. One human development that is far less spoken of is sight.

That’s right, when we gave up sniffing everything and cocking our ears at the tiniest of sounds, humans started to take a really hard look at their surroundings. The end result being that as a species we became hardwired to processing information visually. Which is why a picture really is worth a thousand words.

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Tutorial: Getting Started – All About Popples

Welcome to a brand new set of Popplet Tutorials. We have listened to your requests and over the next few weeks, we are going to do our very best to make the Popplet experience more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Let’s begin at the beginning, with every Popplet’s essential element: the popple.

The basic building blocks of popplets are called popples. They are to Popplet what the humble cell or the mighty atom are to the physical world: with no popples, there can be no popplets. Fortunately, popples are much easier to understand than cells and atoms, and are regularly produced by the under-fives. Creating and working popples is simple:

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Popplet People: Paul Baez, Educator

From the back of the classroom to the frontline of education management, passionate educator and school principal Paul Baez talks about his work journey, Education Technology and Popplet.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I have been in education since 1995 and I have learned so much from every experience I have had, being a fourth grade classroom teacher, Assistant Principal, and now Principal. I feel fortunate to have worked in three different Houston area school districts and five different schools. Each experience has pushed me to the next level of leadership and has reinforced my belief that I chose the right career path.

What do you love about your work?

Paul Baez HeadshotI love my role of leading a school of educators at Rees Elementary School, ensuring that we provide a great learning experience for every student. It is a responsibility that I fully embrace. As much as I enjoyed being a fourth grade classroom teacher, I knew twenty years ago that I wanted to have an even greater impact on students and here I am now. Growing up I was that kid in the back of the room that kept quiet and never said anything. Now I can’t stop talking about technology in education. Makes me chuckle to think how much I’ve changed over the years.

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Top of the Popplets! – November 2015

Here we are again, another month passed, and another opportunity to check out all that is best in the Popplet world. Our regular – dare I say popular – monthly exposé of all your hard work. Maybe you’re searching for inspiration, or looking to build on an idea you already have, possibly you stumbled onto this page by accident – whatever! – feel free to take a look around. You won’t be disappointed.

Flipped Tools

Flipped Tools is precisely what it says it is: 80 tools for the Flipped Classroom. A useful and valuable reference for the Technology minded teacher. Images represent each tool/app, and they are classified without ceremony depending on their area of usefulness. Easy! Far more inviting than a boring old list of words, we’re sure you’ll agree! Continue reading

Learning to Read: Popplet in the Reading Classroom

Learning to read is not something that everyone fully remembers. For those who do recall, memories range from the forgettably nondescript, to the gloriously inspirational to the harrowingly painful. However memorable our early reading days are, one thing is certain: those early lessons in deciphering meaning from symbols are the beginning of one of life’s most impactful experiences, and for many represent the beginning of a lifelong activity, the nature of which exerts a strong influence on their future.

“Literacy is a fundamental human right and the foundation for lifelong learning. It is fully essential to social and human development in its ability to transform lives. For individuals, families, and societies alike, it is an instrument of empowerment to improve one’s health, one’s income, and one’s relationship with the world.”  UNESCO

Unlike some other essential skills such as speaking, walking and eating, there is no evidence that human beings possess any innate reading ability whatsoever, which means we have to start from scratch, firmly placing the littlest of feet at the base of the steepest of learning curves. How to begin such a formidable task? Well, according to the experts, the process begins before children ever set foot in the classroom. Continue reading

A Day In The Life of Popplet

We’re always proud to see new user-generated content about Popplet. Around the world, it is exciting to see how students, creatives, businesses and community leaders are all using Popplet to share ideas and connect with others.

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It’s Here: The New and Improved Popplet iPad App!

For all of our eager iPad users, the wait is finally over! Popplet for the iPad has a new version with more features, bug fixes and faster online access.

You can now download Popplet Lite or our full iPad app from the Apple App Store. Please share what your reactions with us by adding a quick app review.

New versions of Popplet and Popplet Lite for iPad available from the Apple App Store. Try it out and let us know if you think it is one of the best iPad apps around!

The latest iPad version of Popplet includes the following features:

  • Easier copying, pasting and editing functions for your popplets
  • Multi-popple selection
  • Instantly take and add photos to a popplet board
  • Image and photo rotation
  • Smoother drawing functions.
Best ipad apps Popplet menu

The extended gear menu in the latest version of Popplet gives you more flexibility and greater access to features

Help us make a splash as one of the best iPad apps around by sharing your honest review of our update. You can rate our app and add some comments to the App Store page after you have had a chance to play with the new features.

This update also fixes some minor bugs with our previous version and gives you more stability when you access your online popplets.

Current iPad Popplet users know that this release has been a while coming. We wanted to focus first on improving our data storage and server systems so you can rely on Popplet whenever you need to share ideas or compile your notes for more creative visual thinking. We hope you will appreciate the faster and more reliable access to your online popplets with this latest iPad version.

While several users have asked for ways to copy offline popples to their online board, the new version hasn’t been able to incorporate that feature. We will continue to work towards adding this functionality in a future release. For this version, we have made it much easier to copy and paste your popplet work from offline to online. You can now select multiple popples at once and then copy them to a new popplet board.

Popplet is one of the best ipad apps available for visual thinking

The new iPad version of Popplet makes it easy to select multiple popples for faster copying, pasting and grouping

As with the previous release, Popplet Lite lets you create one popplet board while the full version gives you an unlimited supply of online and offline popplets.

We are committed to making Popplet one of the best iPad apps available on the iTunes App Store. Download Popplet Lite or buy the Popplet iPad app directly from your iPad. Everyone at team Popplet is eagerly waiting to hear what you think, so please share a product review with us!

Head Of The Classroom Apps

Is Popplet one of your key classroom apps? Help us learn more about how you use Popplet in education settings

All of us here at Team Popplet are proud to read the daily tweets, support emails, and online education technology blogs that talk about how Popplet is one lof the key classroom apps used by educators all around the world.

Popplet has been used with students of all ages to:

  • encourage collaboration on team projects
  • map concepts and create timelines
  • visually show the connection between information and ideas
  • assist with remembering new facts and figures.

Teachers use Popplet in lesson planning and encourage students to use Popplet for independent study and note-taking. Some teachers have incorporated using Popplet into assignment tasks.

If you use Popplet in any education setting – from primary school to formal professional development courses – we want to hear from you.

In order to continue to strengthen Popplet’s data storage reliability and capacity, and to extend our web and iPad app features, we are considering a modest subscription plan. Our survey for the education sector aims to make sure that the introduction of any subscription model will not act as a barrier to Popplet’s continued use as one of your top classroom apps.

You can:

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

All survey respondents will receive an additional 25 popplets.

Got more to share about using Popplet as one of your classroom apps? Please feel free to comment below.

And the nominees are…

Thanks to our education users, Popplet was nominated this year for an EduBlog Award in the Best web tool category. We are honored to be amongst other great classroom education technology aids. We hope to always be improving and enhancing our app features for classroom use.

We also have a few ideas in the pipeline to provide more resources via this blog and on education sites about how to make the most of using Popplet in the classroom, and we look forward to sharing blogs on:

  • Lesson plans for various subjects
  • Classroom activities for different age levels
  • Study aid techniques using Popplet.

If you would like to contribute or share any examples with us, please contact us. (That’s also the email link to use if you have any concerns or problems regarding Popplet, or you can post a comment or idea on our community feedback pages.)

Edublog awards 2011The EduBlog Awards started in 2004 as a way to demonstrate the value of social media and web 2.0 tools to enhance learning and classroom activity. At the time, many schools and education institutions were introducing blanket bans on using these technologies and Edublog wanted to turn this around and show how they could be used to aid classroom learning and student engagement, rather than be a new source of distraction or interruption. Their goal was to demonstrate the educational value of social media and web 2.0 technologies. Each year, based on nominations and votes from education users, the site awards blogs, web 2.0 media and tools in categories including:

  • Best individual, class and ed tech blogs,
  • Best twitter discussion,
  • Best use of media
  • Best educational use of a wiki.

This year, the EduBlog Awards team has included a Best web app tool category and Popplet is one of a staggering 60 tools that made it through as a finalist! We have some strong competition and are proud to be nominated. You can see the full list at the EduBlog awards site. It’s a great list of education technology information sources and web 2.0 tools. Like Popplet, some of our fellow nominees – in all categories – offer inspiring knowledge on how to share ideas and great tools for use when organizing information, or encouraging collaborative team management beyond the classroom as well as in it.

What are your favorites from the EduBlog nominees list? Share them in the comments below! Thank you to everyone who nominated Popplet for an EduBlog award.