Popplet Update Version 2.5 – What’s New?

Popplet Version 2.5 is here at last and we thank you for your patience. If you haven’t already got the update you will definitely have it soon. If you want it right now, check “updates” in The App Store on your iOS device. Can’t see it? Search for Popplet or Popplet Lite and you should be able to update your app straight away.

Popplet v2.5 contains all of the critical fixes necessary for smooth running on the latest iOS updates and Apple devices. There’s also some of what you asked us for, and a lot more besides. Check it out:

  • Updates to Support the Newest iPads and Apple Pencil
  • Photo Permissions for Exporting Popplets with iOS 12.1.4
  • Updated for iPhone XS Form Factors
  • Modernization of Underlying Framework
  • Support For Multitasking on The iPad – Including Split View
  • Performance Improvements
  • Tons of Under The Hood Modernization
  • Added Awesomeness

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Popplets About Environmental Issues

The Cosmos is vast, maybe more vast than the humble human mind can possibly imagine. Yet, as the celebrated scientist, Carl Sagan poignantly pointed out in his epic speech: this speck of cosmic dust, the pale blue dot that humankind call home is all that we have. So, we really ought to take good care of it.

“The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet. Like it or not, for the moment the Earth is where we make our stand.” – Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot

Knowledge of our home planet and its place in the Universe is the fundamental basis of all scientific study. Topics and discussions centered on The Earth’s history and its progress are common in education. Now the big question is how our planet will cope with the impact of what we are doing to it. Climate change, pollution, species extinction, overpopulation… all are part of a long and worrying list of how human behavior is already destroying our one and only home.

The good news is that we know about it, and informed educators, leaders, and individuals have been raising awareness of these critical issues for decades. Change is happening: cities are restricting the use of cars, recycling has already become obligatory in some places, and more and more people are now choosing cleaner, sustainable, planet-friendly solutions for a great many everyday things from the food we eat to the clothes we wear.

Education is key to changing attitudes and behaviors. Here are some inspiring popplets on the subject.

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Popplet Video: Fabulous New and Improved Features

***UPDATE: As of January 2018, it will no longer be possible to add videos to your popplets from YouTube using the method below. This DOES NOT that mean you can’t add YouTube videos, you can. Click here to learn how. The Vimeo function is unaffected and you can still add videos directly from Vimeo following the instructions below.***

One of Popplet’s most popular features is that video from Youtube and Vimeo can be directly and instantly added to any Popplet you are working on. Recently, we’ve made some improvements to this feature. We have added more search options and provided a new friendlier, cleaner interface. If you have been adding videos to your Popplet work recently, the process is now so simple and so seamless, that you could be forgiven for not noticing these improvements at all! 

Just imagine the perfect video for your popplet, and a few moments later, there it is,  a part of your work forever. Of course, if you change your mind, you can change the video! With Vimeo and Youtube, you will always have a broad and rich selection available to bring life to your popplets. So how’s it done?

There are now three ways to add videos. Take a look at this Planet Popplet:

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.43.50

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Be Cine With Popplet: 5 Visual Thinking Strategies For Film-Makers, Film Students and Film Lovers

Visual thinking strategies are fast becoming a necessity for creative professionals, businesses and students. Having a way to organize ideas visually helps create stunning infographics, tell compelling stores, show previously hidden or obscure connections, and better memorize information!

Lately, we have noticed a growing number of film studies students, budding film-makers, and film lovers making use of the Popplet app. It inspired us to consider how starting with a film subject can help anyone develop visual thinking strategies using Popplet.

Adding videos to your Popplets (along with pictures and drawings) helps users enhance their visual thinking. You can create memory boards with video tutorial content alongside research links and revision notes. Thanks to requests from many of our users, Popplet now lets you include videos from Vimeo in your idea maps.

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A Day In The Life of Popplet

We’re always proud to see new user-generated content about Popplet. Around the world, it is exciting to see how students, creatives, businesses and community leaders are all using Popplet to share ideas and connect with others.

Let’s look at just one day’s worth of user-generated activity: 23 April, 2013. Just an ordinary day? Not amongst the Popplet community! Let’s take a look at all that happened last Tuesday in the world of Popplet… Continue reading

Popping Around the World! The Globalization of Popplet

We at Popplet central have been excited to see the growth of Popplet around the world, as more creatives, educators, business users and students discover our online and iPad/iPhone/iPod app.

In the past month, Popplet has been used in 164 countries around the globe! Here’s a look at where people are using Popplet right now:


You can get an even greater sense of the diverse ways Popplet is used around the world by having a look at our Public Popplets.

As Poppleteer Matt M points out, the world is becoming smaller, more interconnected, and more affected by international actions and influences. This globalization can be a creative and liberating force, as well as a destructive one.

Matt describes different types of globalization. Let’s look at how these types of globalization are reflected in the ways people use Popplet around the world. Continue reading

Hungry For Action: 6 Food Security Popplets

We are delighted to see Popplet used by businesses, planners, food growers, community advocates, and educators: all keen to increase awareness and action to improve food security in their local communities and around the globe.

Food security and food sustainability are crucial issues facing all of us on both the local and global scale.

Food security is the term often used to recognize everyone’s right to enough healthy, affordable food to live properly.

Many believe that this will only be possible if we focus on food sustainability: the capacity of our food systems to produce enough healthy food with a low energy and fuel footprint, and where waste is minimized.

Here are six ways Popplet users are making sure more people can get access to healthy food for daily living. Continue reading