Popplet Group Subscriptions for Schools and Classes

Summer break in the United States, Europe, and a whole lot of other places is drawing to a close. Students, teachers, and parents are turning their thoughts towards the fresh academic year and its challenges. And for those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to be shaking off the summer holidays, this is still a good opportunity to learn about Popplet Group Subscriptions, which were originally created for schools for the sole purpose of putting Popplet into the hands of as many learners and teachers as possible. 

For more information on Popplet Group Subscriptions for your school, select Popplet for Schools? in the Popplet Plan window that opens when you sign up for a free Popplet account on the Popplet homepage:

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Popplet Group subscriptions are open to everyone: schools, colleges, businesses…and make purchasing Popplet much more affordable
  • The minimum group/class size is 15
  • Subscriptions offer each individual student unlimited popplets for one year
  • There is a sliding price scale: the more you buy, the less it costs

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