Project Popplet 3: Creating Visuals and Infographics

Is there such a thing as a “visual learner”? The idea that we are all different when it comes to learning and each of us has a particular learning style is no longer as popular with educators as it once was. Why? Well, the truth is that we are ALL visual learners.

We know that at some point in the not so distant past – evolutionary speaking – that dogs became “human’s best friend”. Like most things that happened tens of thousands of years ago, Popplet didn’t exist and there was no one around who could record these momentous events. So. scientists study the evidence and build theories from what they discover. One such theory is that humans began to rely on the senses of their canine companions such as smell and sound more than their own and that we began to develop other senses more and more and finally we adapted and attained new skills. Our ability to speak is often attributed to these evolutionary changes. One human development that is far less spoken of is sight.

That’s right, when we gave up sniffing everything and cocking our ears at the tiniest of sounds, humans started to take a really hard look at their surroundings. The end result being that as a species we became hardwired to processing information visually. Which is why a picture really is worth a thousand words.

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Popplet’s Response to COVID-19 Crisis

With COVID-19 changing the way we live and learn, it’s clear that supporting educators, students and parents is more critical than ever. In light of that we’ve decided to make the iPad Paid version of Popplet free for a period of time.

Popplet was designed from the outset to make visual learning and collaboration easy and accessible to learners of all ages. We hope providing the app to more students helps them, as we continue to navigate an uncharted environment for learning and schooling. Below are some ideas for how to use Popplet in this learning environment:

How To Download the Paid iPad Version of Popplet for Free

Go to the App Store on your iOS device and download Popplet. – Remember to download the FULL version, as there has always been a free version of the app called Popplet Lite.

How to Use Popplet with Classroom Video Conferencing Tools

If you’re teaching groups of students whether it be Pre-K and upwards, you may already be using a video conference tool like Zoom or Google Hangouts. You can easily integrate Popplet into these lessons.

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