Adding Video to Popplet: Go Vimeo!

There is currently an issue with YouTube videos and Popplet: you can add them to, but they won’t play. This affects all YouTube videos added to popplets, past and present. The issue occurred after a recent API change by YouTube. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may be causing. We are laboring hard to resolve this matter and are confident of finding a solution soon. However, until we do, we have a couple of simple alternatives that will help when it comes to adding video to your Popplet work.

Choose Vimeo

YouTube is by far the world’s most popular video platform. That’s why, back in the day, we chose it as Popplet’s integrated platform for the sourcing and addition of online videos. Soon after, there were a lot of requests from the Popplet community for Vimeo, so we added that too. We are grateful we listened to you because Popplet has an entirely adequate (some might say better) alternative to YouTube.

When everything is in working order, it’s possible to choose to add videos from either YouTube or Vimeo to Popplet: to learn more, check out this quick tutorial. But for now, it’s Vimeo only!

Simply search for the video you want by keyword, and when you find it, drag it as a full popple into the popplet you’re working on. Alternatively, add the video’s URL.

We searched for “popplet” in the above example and scrolled down to view the results. If you are going to do a search, be sure to select the Vimeo tab in the bottom left-hand corner.

One of the main differences between YouTube and Vimeo is the number of users. YouTube has a lot more, is much more widely used and as such has a greater selection of videos. Vimeo has fewer users but is good in other ways. Just like YouTube, Vimeo has a free plan for those who prefer to upload their own work. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo’s free plan is completely ad-free. Since most Popplet users upload clips that they themselves create, it’s definitely a viable alternative. And, maybe more importantly, right at this moment, it works!

A Simple Workaround For YouTube Users

While recommending Vimeo at this time, we appreciate that there are many reasons why YouTube is the undisputed king of online video sharing. So we understand that many will want to continue to use YouTube. Fortunately, there is a way to make it work with Popplet. It’s not as elegant as the Vimeo solution, but it will allow you to add links to YouTube videos in your popplets. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Begin by locating the YouTube video that you want to add to your popplet, and click share to reveal the video’s URL:
  • Then, copy and paste the video’s URL into to a popple as text – you can learn more about this in our Adding URLs to Popplets Tutorial.
  • Next, return to your chosen YouTube video and take a suitable screenshot. We chose Harry Potter in our example, well, because it’s Harry Potter! But something that speaks to the subject of the video is best. Or, you could omit these two steps entirely and use only the link.
  • Finally, upload the screenshot to the popple that contains the URL. 
  • Click on the go to link window in the bottom right-hand corner of your popple to open the video – try it now in the popplet above.

Have you been experiencing any difficulties adding videos to Popplet? Have you come up with any solutions other than the ones suggested above? If you have, we would really like to hear about them. Share with us on Twitter and on our Facebook page. To sign up for an online Popplet account, with ten complimentary Popplet boards to get you started, visit the Popplet Homepage.




New Popplet Features Now Available Online!

Over the past month, Popplet has released a set of new features for our web-based Popplet community.

Now you have greater flexibility with how you present your popplet creations, can add new videos, and save presentations in high definition. We have more features to roll out soon, but here’s a quick summary of some of our new features that you may not have noticed… Continue reading

The Pitfalls of Sharing Content Publicly

Sharing content shares the love! But there are some pitfalls. This is how Popplet manages inappropriate content in our public boards…

Part of the amazing growth of Popplet that we didn’t quite predict is how well our visual thinking app can be used by learners of any age. Popplet has been designed with a minimal aesthetic in order to help you to keep the focus on your ideas and information. While other mind map and content collation apps offer you more bells and whistles, our minimal interface gives you a toolset that can get you started straight away. We let you focus on connecting ideas and organizing concepts rather than wasting several hours picking a font or choosing which type of end arrowhead to use (yes, we know what that’s like too!).

This design approach has meant that Popplet is accessible to anyone in any language, which has lead to a globalization of Popplet. The second impact our design style has had is the one we didn’t expect in such large numbers: that Popplet would be loved and used by learners, hobbyists and professionals of all ages. Alongside our many creative professionals and businesses using Popplet, we have also grown a large primary (elementary) school contingent of Popplet users. We are proud that Popplet has become a central resource, for example, amongst kinderchat classrooms around the globe.

With the launch of our new Public Popplets, it is exciting to see more examples of how Popplet is being used by all ages, but with this comes the responsibility to make sure that the content that is shared is age-appropriate to potential readers.

sharing content 2

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Unlimited Popplets in Under 15 Seconds!

All you need to know about the Popplet Plan for Home, School and Business

Without a doubt, our biggest request all year has been from loyal users wanting more popplets. So in July, we introduced the Popplet Plan, offering unlimited popplets for a low monthly or yearly subscription price.

Since then, many of our loyal users have signed up to a Popplet Plan. Twitter user @sebastaiaanhooft, for example, praised the ease of using our signup system: “it took me fifteen seconds to become a paying customer – including the walk to get my credit card – compliments in that!”

If you haven’t subscribed yet and want to know more, here’s the latest details and some of our most frequently asked questions about the Popplet Plan so far:

The Free Plan
We have a commitment to always providing a free plan on both the web and mobile devices.

If you are new to Popplet or an occasional user, nothing changes: you still have access to 5 popplets with your online account. You can use all the Popplet features including presentation mode, the ability to embed popplets into your webpages, and the capacity to share and collaborate on popplets with others.

We will also continue to offer Popplet Lite for the iPad, iPhone and iPod. Popplet Lite gives you a good introduction to how our app works on your mobile device with access to one free popplet. You can also keep your project work by moving it to the full app version if you decide you like using Popplet on the go!

FAQ: I have more than 5 popplets already, how does the Popplet Plan affect me?
If you have more than 5 popplets, you will be able to continue to edit and access all of your current work under the Free Plan. Any extra popplets you have created under the Popplet Plan will be safely stored and still be visible if you return to the Free Plan, but you will not be able to add to them or share them with others while on the Free Plan.

The Popplet Plan

The Popplet Plan offers users access to an unlimited number of web-based popplets for the low price of $3 per month or $30 per year.

Don’t forget our iPad, iPhone and iPod full versions also come with unlimited popplets for use on your mobile device.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about the Popplet Plan. If you have any enquiries, please email us at

FAQ: I have subscribed because I need to use more than 5 popplets this month but I am not sure about the future. When should I cancel my subscription?

You can subscribe and cancel at any time and still have access to your plan for the whole month. We are proud to offer you this flexibility so you do not feel tricked if you forget to cancel close to your monthly subscription renewal date. If you are sure you will not need access to your unlimited popplets next month, cancel your subscription and you will still have access to your account for the full 30 days. Click on the account settings in the top right hand corner to keep tabs on the end date for your Popplet Plan subscription.

Click on “account” in the top right hand menu to update your subscription information

FAQ: I had problems entering my credit card details for payment. What do I do?

We remind our users that Popplet does not always work correctly with Internet Explorer. Chances are, if you have been having problems making a payment, you are using the IE browser. Please see our blog post about the problems with IE and swap to using Popplet with Firefox or Chrome.

FAQ: I need an official receipt for my popplet subscription for tax purposes, how can I get one?

We are updating our subscription confirmation details to automatically include all relevant tax details so you can use your subscription confirmation as your official receipt. If your part of the world requires specific tax information to be displayed, please contact us at to have a relevant tax invoice/receipt issued.

FAQ: We are interested in using Popplet as a communication tool within the company and with our clients. In the end it would be around 15 people working with popplet within the company. In addition to that we would like to allow our customers to edit the relevant popplets as well. What plan is best for us?
We are excited to be announcing our business accounts in the near future, and promise to have all details available in a blog post. If you have particular needs, please email us at so we can make sure we have an appropriate plan to meet your business and client relationship needs.

FAQ: I am a teacher and want to use popplet in my classroom for all students, but I don’t want them to have their own email addresses. What plan is best for me?

Keep an eye out for our week of back-to-school special blog posts coming up in late August/September for details of all our education plans, or email us at for immediate details. We will have full details for classroom and school subscriptions and special blog articles on how Popplet is being used in classes of all ages and subjects.

What has been your experience of using the Popplet Plan? Post us a short review on our Facebook page to let us know how we are doing.

Internet Explorer Not Friends With Popplet

Uh-oh! It’s a browser warning! Our programmers have discovered a problem with how Internet Explorer manages Popplet accounts.

To make sure all of your work is being saved, please use a browser alternative other than Internet Explorer until we update this blog post with further details or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.

We have discovered that Internet Explorer (IE) has a tendency to randomly log Popplet users out of their accounts when using the Popplet web app. When this occurs, there is no warning message to the user that there account has been logged out.

As a result, it is possible to continue creating a Popplet on-screen but this is not being saved to our data servers. When you next log in to Popplet you discover your valuable work has not been saved.

PLEASE! Use Firefox, Chrome or Safari browsers until further notice.

At present, we are installing new alerts to let users know of this problem and we will be introducing error messages to the web app so that you know each step of the way whether your popplet creations are being saved.

If you have any problems with missing popplets, please email us with the following information:

  • The email address of the account you use when logging in to Popplet
  • The URL address of any popplets that you need to check
  • What browser you are using (preferably with details of which version of the browser).

Everyone from Team Popplet sends our apologies for this problem at present. We understand that many schools are only able to use Internet Explorer. We are proud that Popplet is regularly used as one of the most popular classroom apps but recommend that if your school insists on using Internet Explorer, then teachers should avoid lesson plans that rely on our web app for the bulk of classroom activities. We also suggest waiting to use Popplet in assessment tasks until we can resolve this problem. (In the meantime, we encourage you to share your other thoughts about using Popplet at school in our survey.)

We want you to rely on Popplet for your collaboration, education and creative projects and that means alerting you to any problems with our app as we discover them. Please use an alternative browser to Internet Explorer until this problem is resolved. We will update this blog post as soon as we know more.